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17 Powerful Podcasting Insights From The Podcast Show 2023

We’ve curated 17 of the most powerful insights we collected from The Podcast Show 2023 to keep you up to date with the current podcast landscape and give you the latest tips on growing your show!

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We recently made an appearance at The Podcast Show 2023 in London. We got the chance to check out some of the insightful seminars they put on. 

We also spoke with some of the big names in podcasting tech and services, such as Libsyn, Captivate, Shure and more.

In light of this, we’ve curated 17 of the most powerful insights we picked up from The Podcast Show 2023 that will help you on your podcasting journey and keep you up to date with the current podcast landscape. So, get ready for some serious podcasting wisdom coming your way!

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1. Build Authentic Connections

Establish a genuine connection with your audience by infusing your personality, insights, and stories into your podcast. If you are able to form a parasocial relationship with your listeners, you’ll create trust and keep them listening.

Ask yourself, could anyone be reading these questions or repeating what I’m saying? If so, there’s no reason for your listeners to stick with you. It’s you that keeps them coming back.

2. Video Boosts Engagement

Video was a focus for many of the speakers at The Podcast Show 2023.

Leverage the power of video in your podcast marketing strategy. Video content generates higher engagement on social media platforms than text or simply posting links. 

Tap into the immense reach of YouTube, which accounts for around 50% of podcast consumption, and consider the rising potential of TikTok for attracting new listeners (if your audience sits there).

3. Thumbnails

Don’t underestimate the impact of thumbnails on YouTube – even for a podcast. Create eye-catching and distinctive thumbnails for each episode to increase clicks and attract more viewers. They don’t have to be fancy, they have to drive clicks.

4. The Growth of Podcast Advertising

Ad spend on podcasting is growing. While spend on other forms of media remains steady. Major brands, such as EE, are shifting their advertising focus towards non-linear media options like podcasts.

graph showing increase in podcast ad spend

5. Naming Your Podcast for Success

Simplicity is key when naming your podcast. Opt for a searchable and clear name that reflects your content. Ensure it’s available to avoid trademark issues and make it easier for listeners to find and connect with your show.

6. Podcasting’s Getting Bigger

Podcasting is growing every year. With 50% of the UK population now listening to podcasts, podcasting has become a significant part of people’s lives.

graph showing increase in podcast listeners

7. Podcasting Age Demographics

The 18 to 45 age group dominates listenership, while the under 18s demographic shows growth. The over-45s age group is growing the fastest, but word-of-mouth remains crucial for reaching the over-45s. 

We need better ways of discovering new podcasts!

graph showing podcast listeners by age

8. Podcasting Gender Demographics

31% of men are listening to regular weekly podcasts, while women make up 19% and are more likely to listen to serial and season-based podcasts.

8. Advertising Innovations

Dynamic insertion and video ads are gaining popularity among podcast advertisers. Additionally, personalised AI-read ads and location-based targeting are emerging technologies.

9. 5 Million Podcasts

There are now over 5 million podcasts out there! All the more reason to give your podcast a way of standing out.

10. 70 Million Episodes

…And over 70 million podcast episodes!

the podcast show 2023 presentation showing podcast statistics

11. Monetisation Beyond Ads

Monetising your podcast? Diversify your monetisation strategy beyond traditional ads. Consider selling your own products, sponsorships, merchandise, live events, or premium content to generate revenue and enhance the value you offer to your audience.

12. Audio Quality Matters!

Invest in a proper microphone and podcast production to deliver a professional and enjoyable listening experience. High-quality audio can actually make your listeners perceive the speaker as being of higher intelligence, and it will help to exemplify the quality of your brand.

13. Making Use of SEO

While the content is the main focus, don’t overlook the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimize your podcast titles, descriptions, and episode tags to improve discoverability.

14. Authenticity Over Perfection

Focus on authenticity rather than striving for perfection. Your genuine voice and passion will resonate with your audience more than the flawless execution of every tiny detail of your podcast.

15. LinkedIn Should Be Part of Your Promotion Strategy

We’re still ‘early’ with LinkedIn. Unlike certain other social media platforms like Facebook where if you don’t pay, you’ll struggle to get any impressions at all, it’s still easier to get eyes on your posts on LinkedIn.

Growing a podcast is all about community. And people come to LinkedIn to connect. This can’t be said for most other social media platforms.

LinkedIn is not just for business, though. It’s a platform where personal stories meet the professional world. It’s your chance to showcase your personality and connect with others in a meaningful way.

the podcast show 2023 linkedin seminar stage

16. Embrace Feedback

Encourage and value feedback from your listeners. Actively seek their suggestions and reviews to understand their needs and continually improve your podcast. Your podcast doesn’t have to stay the same. Engaging with your audience fosters community and strengthens their connection to your show, too.

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17. Network and Learn

Take advantage of networking opportunities within the podcasting community. Connect with fellow podcasters, attend industry events, and join podcasting groups to exchange ideas, gain insights, and find support along your podcasting journey!

And there you have it! We hope these insights have been interesting to you and have given you a clearer picture of what podcasting looks like in 2023. We’re looking forward to heading back to The Podcast Show next year, and hopefully seeing those listener numbers grow even further!



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