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The Notcast – Life, Love & Podcasting [Case Study]

Dive into the story of The Notcast. The podcast where therapist/coach hosts Ami and David share their journey of struggle, strife, and realisation and offer guidance to listeners in search of the keys to a happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life. Find out how we have helped them to share their message with the world in its best form.

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David Bird and Ami Dave, are the therapist/coach hosts of The Notcast – the podcast where they share their journey of struggle, strife, and realisation and offer guidance to listeners in search of the keys to a happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life.

They started their podcast together in September 2021, and after doing all of the work themselves for a handful of episodes, they realised just how overwhelming podcasting can be. They approached Claricast to take the load off. Their podcast is now sounding amazing and they both have more time to do what they love.

Let’s dive deeper into their story..

The Story of The Notcast

The two ‘thera-coaches’ met during a training course, where they discovered how closely their views of the world aligned. And not only did their views align, but so did their needs for a podcast for their businesses. 

The Notcast is an opportunity to put their message out into the world and to give people a better understanding of what they do as therapist-coaches. Ami and David understand the importance of producing regular content to build familiarity and trust with potential clients. The podcast is also a great way of supporting existing clients. The hosts have a pool of episodes to recommend to clients as an additional resource to their work together, offering them more support and improving the connection with the client without increasing their hours. 

They had both dabbled in podcasting in the past, separately, but going it alone proved difficult.

The Challenges of Podcasting

Ami and David had produced seven episodes from scratch before they approached us. They’d planned, recorded, edited and released all seven. However, while they enjoyed the creation aspects of podcasting, everything that came with it took too much time away from doing what they do best

They enjoyed planning and recording the episodes and engaging with listeners, but the in-depth editing and picking out clips for social media was stressful and cumbersome. They also weren’t completely happy with the sound quality compared with other podcasts and didn’t have all the technical know-how or time they would need to get it up to standard.

Why They Chose Us

Claricast was the pair’s first choice for a podcast editor. David had seen our content which helped convince him that we know what we’re doing! They wanted someone experienced and easy to work with whom they could trust, who enjoyed what they do. 

Initially, they were concerned about giving up a certain level of control over their podcast. They weren’t convinced that anyone else would be able to get their style right. They were also unsure of whether or not they’d be getting enough value out of their investment.

However, they knew that they had to make a change, bit the bullet and haven’t looked back since.

How We Responded 

When we initially took Ami and David on as clients, there was a fair bit of work to do. Before we even began editing an episode, we listened carefully to their needs and to previous episodes of the show. This gave us a clear idea of a number of things. Firstly, we understood exactly what was needed to improve the overall audio quality, and secondly, we got a feel for how they work and the style of the podcast. We also understood their need for sharable content to help grow their show.

We provided consultative support in getting Ami and David equipped with the right microphones and gave them the knowledge that they needed to ensure they were capturing the best recordings possible.

“Not only does he do an absolutely stellar job in editing the audio and making each episode sound amazing, he also worked closely with us to get the right gear and set-up for optimal sound given our space/circumstances.”

David Bird

After we edited their next couple of episodes, we made one or two revisions that they’d requested to ensure that we were in sync with their preferred style. Since then, we’ve reliably delivered weekly episodes, including two sharable clips per episode to help grow their show via social media.

The Results

Ami and David’s concerns were quickly quashed once we started working with them. They now have more time to spend on what truly lights them up. The stress of podcasting has been alleviated and they can now spend more time growing their businesses. They have complete faith that after recording, they can send episodes off to us and receive amazing-sounding podcast episodes, on time, each week.

“…The difference it’s made since working with Joe has been night and day. More than worth the investment.”

David Bird

The Notcast has been steadily growing in downloads, and Ami and David’s confidence and optimism in their podcast has grown alongside it.

Are you starting a podcast and are looking for support? Or do you already have a podcast that’s sucking your time away and is causing you stress? We can give you your time back and reduce your stress, by providing expert podcast editing services that will help you to achieve your business goals. Book a call with us today to get started.



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