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Cover Art

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Here’s how
it works:

Your podcast needs to represent the same level of quality and professionalism as your business. Not only to help raise the profile of your business but also so that your show stands out from the crowd.

Because of this, high-quality, enticing and consistent visual branding is essential for getting clicks and growing your podcast.

Alongside our podcast editing and launch services, we also provide professional, attention-grabbing podcast cover art design (the square image the shows up on Spotify).

Whether you just need a single podcast cover art design to get your podcast launched, or ongoing episode cover art and custom visual branding for your video content, we’ve got you covered.


We have a chat to get to know your podcast and your brand. We learn about your needs and come up with a package that will get your podcast looking the part and in turn, bring you closer towards your business goals.


Our team works its magic to create your visual branding package. Typically we’ll be providing the main show artwork, in addition to an episode cover art template that will be updated for each episode, and templates for any video content.



We deliver your artwork, optimised for your podcast host. If we’re launching and editing your show for you, we’ll be uploading the cover art directly to your podcast host, and providing custom episode artwork for each episode you release going forward.

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Let’s take
your podcast

Podcast cover art design isn’t all we offer. We are here to support you throughout your whole podcast journey.

We also provide full audio and video editing and enticing show notes that turn browsers into listeners.

Haven’t launched your show yet? It can be overwhelming to get everything in place and put your message out there. We can support you with that as well with our podcast launch service.

Get in touch today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates can vary based on requirements and are normally included within a launch package. Pricing can range from £249 for cover art to >£500 for a full visual branding package.

Freelancer sites tend to offer one-and-done, barebones services from inexperienced editors. While this might be enough for a hobbyist testing the podcasting waters, it’s not the best choice for professionals looking to raise the profile of their business.

Our expert service is bespoke to your needs and results in an exceptional, high-quality podcast that works for you and your business.

Of course! Scroll up on this page to see some examples of our visual branding work.

Cover art is usually included as part of a launch package. For standalone cover art, you can expect a time frame of around 2 weeks.

Claricast was founded by Joe Eftihiou — an expert in audio with over 10 years of industry experience. Since launching, Joe has grown Claricast into a team of podcasting experts who are passionate about sharing your message.

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