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Podcast Launch Checklist (With FREE Download)

Starting a podcast? A podcast launch can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. Grab our free podcast launch checklist to ensure you launch with confidence and success!

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Launching a podcast? A podcast launch can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. With our 3-stage, comprehensive podcast launch checklist, you’ll be able to track your progress with ease and launch with confidence! 

We’ve included all of the steps that we go through when launching a podcast, with a rough guide of how much time to give yourself for each stage.

Want this checklist as a clickable and printable PDF? Click here to download.

Podcast Launch Checklist

1. Planning Your Podcast

Approx. 12 Weeks Prior To Launch

Identify your ideal listener – Tailor your podcast around your ideal listener.

Decide on a format – How long will episodes be? Solo or with guests? Video or just audio?

Create a release schedule – Choose a schedule you can stick to!

Name your podcast – A name that’s suitable, unique and memorable.

Plan your marketing strategy – How will you grow? Social media? Mailing list? Website?

Plan episode ideas – A big pool of ideas targeted to your ideal listener.

Create graphics – Cover art, logo, video templates, social media banners etc.

Create sonic branding – Your intro, outro and any musical stingers.

2. Launch Content

Approx. 8 Weeks Prior To Launch

Procure equipmentMicrophone(s), recording software, headphones etc.

Create trailer episode – Short pre-release episode building hype for the show.

Create at least 2 episodes – Ideally a month’s worth of episodes to launch with.

Create promotional content – E.g. Social media posts.

3. Ready For Launch!

Approx. 4 Weeks Prior To Launch

Create a launch period schedule – Add trailer, marketing and launch dates in a calendar.

Sign up to a podcast host – Pick a host like Buzzsprout or Libsyn for distribution.

Enable RSS feed distribution – Ensure your host is sending your podcast to the apps.

Sign up to other platforms – Apple Podcasts, YouTube etc. require manual setup.

Complete setup – Add your description, cover art, categories etc.

Upload and schedule trailer and first episodes – Schedule your launch content.

Schedule promotional posts – Prepare your launch period marketing to post on time.

Pre-launch checks – Ensure your podcast & trailer are listed in the apps.

What Next?

We hope this checklist helps you to launch with confidence. We want to empower you to get the best start possible and succeed. Be sure to check all of the platforms where you expect your podcast to appear on launch day. Just be aware that some can take a little while to start appearing in search.

Once you’ve launched, it’s all about keeping consistent by sticking to your release schedule!



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