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You’ve got your podcast episode recorded, you’re excited to share your message, what’s next?

Before your episodes (or your client’s episodes) go out into the world, you’ll want them to sound amazing. You want your podcast to stand out from the crowd so you can keep your audience engaged. This is why we edit, mix and master our episodes.

This cheatsheet goes through the full process that you should go through with each episode. It also works as a great reference to check for each episode that you edit so you don’t forget any essential steps.

The process is split into 5 parts:

1. Setup & Prep

In this step, you’ll be getting your audio software set up so that you can easily drop in your podcast files and edit, mix and master without friction.

2. Editing

Editing is the process of improving the content of a podcast episode to make it easier to listen to, more focused on the key messages parts, and more engaging for your ideal listener.

3. Mixing

Mixing helps make the final product as enjoyable to listen to as possible. Mixing ensures that the audio is clear and easy to understand too, and it makes it sound consistent and professional and will help your podcast to stand out.

4. Mastering

The final stage of production where you’ll be turning your edited and mixed session into an MP3 file that your podcast host will accept.

5. Next Steps

After creating your final MP3 file, there are a few more things to remember, this section will help to ensure that nothing is left out, and guide you further with your learning.

Launch Your
Podcast Production

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If you’re just starting your journey in learning podcast audio editing and production, the Podcast Production Process cheatsheet is the perfect place to start.

Whether you want to make your own podcast sound amazing, or you want to make a living through editing podcasts for clients, we’ve got you covered.

The cheatsheet goes over the full process in an easy-to-digest way, with all of the industry standard settings detailed. 

And if you want to take your learning further, the cheatsheet guides you on where you can learn more.

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