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Every day, potential listeners are browsing their podcast apps looking for their next favourite podcast. If you want them to find yours, well-written show notes are essential.

Our show notes are written to turn browsers into listeners. Our show notes can easily be repurposed as blog posts and social posts too, to get you showing up when potential listeners are searching. 

And for your current followers, Our podcast show notes writer service will seize attention and get your listeners invested before they’ve even clicked play.


You record your podcast episodes. If you need it, we can give you guidance on how to capture the best recording possible.


Our experienced engineers make your episodes sound amazing. We then write enticing show notes tailored to your audience so that they know they’re in the right place with your podcast.



We upload your show notes to our private cloud storage which you’ll be given access to – ready for you to upload. Want us to take care of the uploading and distribution for you? We can do that too, and get your show notes showing up with your episodes.

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Show Notes

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Making Transformation Happen with Donna Cezair

Show Notes

True transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, and it takes a strong culture. In this episode, Donna Cezair, Chief Executive at Worthing Homes joins us to talk about transformation and change management and her journey into the sector. 

Donna has taken on multiple CEO roles, including her role at First Choice Homes Oldham which she took on during the pandemic. We speak to her about the challenges she faced as a new chief executive during this time.

We speak about her work with Worthing Homes and the transformation she’s overseen for the organisation. We dive deep into culture and discuss what good and bad culture look and feel like to leaders, colleagues and customers. Remote working can leave colleagues feeling isolated if it’s not done right. Donna gives her thoughts on how to ensure colleagues feel valued while remote working.

Donna gives her thoughts on the skills required to be a CEO vs. other leadership roles. She also gives her thoughts on how we can attract more talent into the sector, and what needs to change if we are to solve the housing crisis.

In this episode, we cover – 

  • What does true transformation look like?
  • How Donna overcame the challenge of stepping into a chief executive role during the pandemic.
  • How to keep culture and people feeling valued during remote working.
  • The skills required to be a CEO.
  • What do good and bad culture look and feel like?
  • How to get the most out of a team’s diverse skillsets.
  • Non-exec roles and the benefits for leaders stepping into them.
  • What would Donna change to bring us closer to solving the housing crisis?


Worthing Homes –

Andersen James –


Donna Cezair on LinkedIn –

James Leighton on LinkedIn –



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The Courage To Create as an Introvert with Chris Do

Show Notes

Is there something holding you back from putting yourself out into the world? Perhaps it’s a fear of judgement. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence.

In the inaugural episode of Creative Courage, we delve into the mindset of pushing through fears and resistance and seizing opportunities with Chris Do, an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO, and self-proclaimed ‘loud introvert’. 

Chris has struggled with his introversion, but this hasn’t stopped him from amassing nearly one million followers on Instagram. Chris uses the power of content creation to compensate for his introversion. And he shares with us how he consistently pushes through fear and resistance so that he can share his message with the world and grow his brand.

Covered in this episode:

  • How Chris Do uses content creation to push through his introversion.
  • How to push through the fear of putting yourself out there.
  • Making use of feedback in a way that’ll help you to improve.
  • How to seek out opportunities.
  • The benefits of finding your niche and the barriers that hold business owners back from doing so.
  • Why your leads are ghosting you.
  • Learning how to say no to projects that you know are a poor fit.
  • The 3 biggest drivers to whether or not people choose to work with you. 
  • The bold move Chris made that didn’t work out for him.

If you enjoy this episode, follow Creative Courage on your favourite podcast app for more transformational content to help you thrive as a creative.


The Futur –

The Creative Life –


Chris Do on LinkedIn –

Matt Essam on LinkedIn –


Spotify –

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YouTube –


Branding Your Podcast & Finding Your Voice with Massimo Zefferino

Show Notes

It takes more than finding a niche to get your podcast noticed. In any given niche I can almost guarantee that there’ll be a dozen or even hundreds of podcasts sharing your space. 

In this episode, I’m joined by Massimo Zefferino, graphic design agency owner and co-host of The Angry Designer. And he uncovers the elements of your podcast branding and your personal branding that are essential to stand out in a busy podcasting landscape.

In this episode, we cover –

  • Podcast branding advice from a graphic design agency owner.
  • And how to put together podcast cover art that turns heads.
  • How Massimo grew his podcast with true authenticity.
  • The keys to creating a magnetic persona as a podcast host.
  • How The Angry Designer has amassed a loyal following.
  • Building a podcast that you can enjoy creating, that also happens to raise your profile.
  • The one thing Massimo wished he’d known from the start.
  • And much more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Massimo. He knows what it takes to craft a podcast worthy of a loyal following.


The Angry Designer –

The Angry Designer on Instagram –

The Angry Designer on YouTube –


Massimo Zefferino on LinkedIn –

Joe Eftihiou on LinkedIn –


Spotify –

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