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Attract new listeners with stand-out show notes. Grab the podcast show notes template that we use for our podcast and our clients’ and use it for your own podcast! Start elevating your episodes today.

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Show Notes

Writing great show notes is an essential part of creating a podcast that attracts listeners.

They’re a written summary of your episode that appear on podcast players like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Their job is to persuade browsers to listen. They can also be repurposed as blog posts to improve your podcast website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) and as social posts for promoting your episodes.

Many podcast show notes fail to engage listeners because they don’t follow essential show notes writing principles. Or, they’re written with AI and as a result are unfocussed and fail to connect with audiences.

But writing engaging show notes doesn’t have to be too tricky, nor does it have to take ages each week…

This Template Will Help You...

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your podcast

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Ready to amplify your message? Download our podcast show notes template now and turn casual browsers into devoted listeners. Elevate your content, boost your SEO, and stand out on social.

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