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What Is Podcast Mastering? (And Why It’s Important)

What is podcast mastering and why is it so important? And how does the podcast mastering process work? Let’s find out!

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So you’ve recorded your podcast episode and it’s been edited and mixed. There’s just one more process before your audio is ready for your podcast host – mastering.

But what is podcast mastering? Why is it important? And how does the mastering process work? Let’s find out!

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The Mastering Stage

The mastering stage is the final step to getting your podcast audio file ready for your podcast host. Podcast hosts such as Buzzsprout and podcast players like iTunes can be picky when it comes to your audio. They typically want it to be a certain file format, file size, volume and so on. 

During the mastering stage, your editor (if they know their stuff) will be making changes such as –

  • Making your episode the right volume for your podcast host
  • Creating an MP3 file of the podcast 
  • Ensuring the file size is small enough for your podcast host, but still allows for high-definition audio
  • Adding tags to your podcast file such as the title, show name and episode number

Do Podcasts Need Mastering?

There are a couple of reasons why the mastering stage is essential. 

Firstly, if your podcast files aren’t the correct volume and format they may be rejected by your podcast host. 

And secondly, even if they aren’t rejected, your episodes may not sound right next to other professional podcasts on Spotify and other apps. They could sound quiet, or low quality which could put listeners off your podcast and brand.

So the mastering process is essential if you want your show to exemplify your brand and to keep your listeners subscribed.

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How To Mix A Podcast

Want to master mastering and get your episodes ready for download? You’ve got two options here. You can master your audio yourself once it’s been recorded and edited, or you can outsource your podcast to an editor (who should also be able to master your episodes.

If you edit your podcast yourself and would like to learn how to master your episodes, check out this guide we’ve put together on how to master a podcast.

If you’d like to save time and ensure the best results, get in touch with Claricast today and find out how we can help you get a professional finish.



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