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What is Podcast Mixing? (And Why It’s Important)

You want your podcast to exemplify your brand. That's why simply recording an episode and throwing it out isn't enough. And poor quality audio won't help your show to stand out from the crowd, either. Find out about the podcast 'mixing' stage and why it's important.

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Once your podcast audio has been recorded, there are a few processes that it needs to go through before it’s ready to be uploaded to your podcast host. It needs editing, of course, but it also needs mixing and mastering. In this article, I’m going to answer “what is podcast mixing?” so that you can better understand the podcasting process.

podcast production process infographic

The Mixing Stage

In a nutshell, mixing (in audio terms) is the process of making a recording sound nicer and more balanced. What this means in context is that your podcast recordings are loaded up into a digital audio workstation (audio software) and an engineer with a keen ear for quality audio makes a number of changes to the sound of the recording. These can include –

  • Making quiet recordings louder
  • Balancing the volume of speakers and assets to keep things even
  • Adjusting the tone of the audio (bass, treble etc.) to make it sound more pleasing to the ear
  • Reducing background noise 
  • Reducing reverb/echo

These are just a few of the steps that the engineer will take to get your podcast episodes to sound pleasant and professional, but the exact steps will depend on what each recording needs.

audio engineer mixing at computer

Do Podcasts Need Mixing?

“Why is this stage important?”, you might ask. “Does it really make a difference? As long as the listener can hear it, right?”

If you want to grow your podcast and achieve your goals, every facet of your show needs to ooze quality. There are millions of podcasts out there already. And possibly dozens, or even hundreds of shows on your exact niche. You need to stand out from the crowd. 

Yes, content is king. But it’ll be checkmate if your content lacks quality.

chess board with pieces checkmate

Also, consider the rest of your brand. Would you settle for a low-quality user experience anywhere else across your platforms or content?

This is why mixing is important. Uploading a raw recording to your podcast feed without proper editing and mixing is like putting out a promo video that’s been recorded on an old flip phone. Your message deserves to be amplified and presented to the world at it’s best.

How To Mix A Podcast

Want your podcast episodes to sound amazing? You’ve got two options here. You can mix your audio yourself once it’s been recorded, or you can invest in a podcast editor to mix your episodes. A good editor should also be able to mix your episodes.

If you edit your podcast yourself and would like to improve your mixing skills, check out this article we’ve put together on mixing podcast audio.

If the technical side of things is not your forté, get in touch with Clarion today and find out how we can help you get a professional finish.



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